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Company Branding & TM Registration


We provides custom brochure design, custom business card design, logo design, and printing for companies and organizations. We specialize in brochure design, logo designing, sign board, hordings admaking.. etc. Azoniz Branding solution specialists in producing exceptionally well designed, well printed marketing communications that get noticed.

Leaving behind a legacy of utmost professionalism in the multifarious platforms of legal service, the Azoniz Solution have become a synonym for all those who seek remedial measures for their imminent legal issues.

Most businesses succeed or fail based not only on the quality of their products but also as a function of how well they market themselves to customers.

Our Advantages


The key for small businesses is creating brands that consumers and existing customers want. It is also essential for the brand to stand for something, whether a company is adopting a value, quality or service position in the marketplace.

1 : Communication

One advantage of branding is the way it facilitates communication between a company and its customers. Branding generally makes use of trademarked images and slogans, each of which is carefully selected to convey the company's image of itself and its preferred way of appearing to customers.

2 : Targetability

A company's brands must be targetable. That is, business owners must identify the types of customers who are most likely to purchase their brands. No one brand can appeal to the entire market.

3 : Simplicity

Company branding allows a company to employ a single marketing strategy across all of its divisions or products. There is less of a need to develop individual branding strategies for specific products.

3 : Value

Strong brands gain value that is separate from the products they represent. This value comes from the time and money corporations invest in developing a brand that, over time, becomes recognizable to consumers.

TM Registration

Shipping and Logistics Management

A trademark is a “brand” or “logo” that you can use to distinguish your product from those of your competitors. Through trademark registration or you can say logo registration/brand registration, you can protect your brand or logo by restricting other people from using the same.

    Benefits of registering trademarks

  1. Exclusive rights - Trade mark registration gives the proprietor the right to exclusive use of the mark in respect of the goods or services covered by it.
  2. Hypothecation / security – A registered trade mark can be hypothecated as security, meaning that a registered trade mark can be pledged as security to secure loan facilities much the same way as immovable property can be bonded.
  3. Intangible property - A very important reason for registration is to create the trade mark as an identifiable intangible property in the legal sense. It will always form part of the goodwill and it will always be attached to the business.
  4. Licensing - A registered trade mark can be licensed.
  5. Assignment - A registered trade mark can be transferred. The same is not possible for a common law trade mark
  6. Deterrent - Trademark registration deters other traders from using trademarks that are similar or identical to yours in relation to goods and services like yours.
  7. Use in proceedings - A trade mark registration is prima facie evidence of validity of the registration and the rights conveyed by registration.
  8. The right to use the symbol ® or “R” or word registered
  9. Foreign territories - A registered mark can be used as a basis to obtain registration in some foreign countries, facilitating protection of the brand worldwide as the business expands.
  10. Counterfeit Goods Act 1997 - A registered trademarks empowers customs authorities at South African ports of entries to prevent the importation of counterfeit foreign goods.